Acrylic Horse Painting “Winter Coat” Wins!

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 |

My acrylic horse painting Winter Coat, won 2nd place at the Southern Arizona Arts Guild’s Artists of the Month Competition for November 2016.  Each month the Southern Arizona Arts Guild holds an Artists of the Month Competition.  The monthly competition varies from paintings, photography, 3D, mix-media etc.

Acrylic Horse Painting Winter Coat wins SAAG award | Maureen Kirk-Detberner

For the month of November 2016, the competition was for Representational Art and Color Drawing Media.  Having never entered a painting in the artists of the month competition before I almost didn’t enter this one LOL.  Arriving early for the meeting I delivered my painting, signed the sheet and crossed my fingers.  When the prize winners were announced, I so shocked when my name was called for 2nd place.  There were 16 entries for this competition and all the entries were beautiful.  It was thrilling to receive a 2nd place ribbon for Winter Coat!

Photo Used for the Acrylic Horse Painting

I painted this acrylic horse painting from a photograph that I took a few years back.  It was a photo of a palomino ranch horse looking over his back at me.  The photo was taken in the winter and this beautiful palomino horse had a lovely winter coat.  This is the photograph I used for the painting.

photograph of palomino horse with winter coat by Maureen Kirk-Detberner

I loved the look in the eye of the palomino so I cropped the image so the eye was more prominent. Then I faded the color so it looked more wintry.  I have this image available on my Etsy shop here.

Photograph of Palomino horse in winter | Maureen Kirk-DetbernerThen I decided to paint this horse.  The canvas I used is 18″ x 24″.  As I worked on the painting the hip got too big and then eye was too small.  So I took some gesso and painted over the horse and started over.  In starting over, I then painted the hip smaller and the eye bigger.  During the process of painting, I painted over the eye another 4 or 5 times until I got the look I wanted.  I’m very pleased with the results of this acrylic horse painting.

I’m not sure where this painting will hang.  First it has to dry some more then I will varnish it and see where he wants to go.