Arabian Horse Eye

Posted by on Jan 2, 2016 |

This Arabian Horse eye photo happened quite by accident.  I was commissioned to take a photo of a gray quarter horse’s eye.  The customer had seen my horse eye photos on Facebook.  She wanted a photo of her friends horse’s eye as a Christmas present.

The horse Cowboy, was at a boarding facility Crazy Heart, near my home in Tucson, AZ.  According to the customer the horse owner went almost every day to see her horse.  On Sunday mornings the horse owner went to church.  We picked a Sunday for the photo session.  I contacted the owner ofequine fine art Arabian horse eye photograph horse art Maureen Kirk-Detberner FastWinn Photography Crazy Heart and shared our plans.  All was arranged.

One of my ridding buddies that boarded at Crazy Heart knew the horse.  She told me where he was located.  She also could verify that the owner was going to church.

Come Sunday the weather was perfect.  I found Cowboy’s stall and proceeded to take photos.  He wasn’t exactly excited to see me or my camera.  He just wanted to finish up his hay and pin his ears at his stall mates.  Flattened ears don’t make pretty photos.

I waved my old faithful cat toy in the air and he wasn’t impressed.  As I tried to get his attention with a carrot, his stall buddy caught my eye.  She was a very petite gray Arabian.  She came over and took a carrot from me.  I took this photo of the Arabian horse eye as she was walking over to see me or maybe it was the carrot.

I liked this photo so much that I’m offering it for sale on my Etsy shop.  If you are interested in it take a look here.

Cowboy then walked over, ears pinned to see what I had.  He did take on bit of a carrot then left to guard and eat his hay.

I was able to get a couple of decent photos of Cowboy.  My customer picked this one to give to her friend.

equine fine art photograph horse art Quarter horse eye Maureen Kirk-Detberner FastWinn Photography