Award Winner Light, Space & Time – December 2015

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The 2nd place Award Winner for Photography & Digital art for the Light, Space and Time’s 5th Annual Animals Art Exhibit was my Dressage image “Show Ready”.   This equine fine art image also took for 4th place in the Overall Winning Artists category.

Award Winner Light, Space and Time 2015 Dressage Image horse art fine art photography digital art Maureen Kirk-Detberner FastWinn Photography Tucson Arizona

Light, Space, Time offers a monthly judged international online fine art competition.  I have entered several of their competitions.  I can proudly state that my entries have always placed.  I have this image available on my Etsy shop here.

“Show Ready” is an equine digital fine art photography piece.  It is considered digital fine art as I removed the original background.  Then I used different layers of color and texture to create this award winner.  I have a blog post about  my entry “Show Ready”Read about the steps I used to create “Show Ready.”

This Light, Space, Time award is very special to me as there were 724 entries!  See more about the competition below.

Award Winner, Light, Space & Time

“In November the gallery conducted the 5th Annual “Animals” Online Art Competition.  2D and 3D artists (including photography) from around the world were called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion in to the Gallery’s December 2015…  The “Animals” theme was considered to be any art which depicted mammals, birds and any animals that live in the water for inclusion…”

“The gallery received 724 total entries from 39 different states and 22 different countries from around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, St. Maarten, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

“Due to the volume of entries the gallery felt that it was necessary to create two (2) media categories, in order to make the judging and the results fair for this competition. The media categories are Painting & Other and Photography & Digital. In addition, for this particular competition we have an overall Winning Artists Category, which is the “best of the best” and consists of the ten (10) best entries from the 2 media categories.”

If you are an artists I encourage you to enter the Light, Space, Time Competitions.  The next competition is “All Women.”  To learn more about the Light, Space, Time competition go here.