Boss Mare Equine Fine Art

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Last month, Katie contacted me about buying the Boss Mare equine fine art photo.  Katie wanted to know if I would ship Boss Mare a photo in my Etsy shop to Australia.  In my Etsy store I sell only to US customers.

I had been wanting to branch out and sell to customers in Canada, England and Germany.  So I thought this would be a good time to do some research on shipping to customers out of the US.

I asked the photo lab I use to print my photos if they shipped to Australia.  They said no they only shipped to Canada and the US.  I called the other photo lab I use and they said yes they ship to Canada.  They gave me a price for shipping Boss Mare.  I sent a quote to Katie and she said OK.

I did a custom listing for the item on my Etsy store and Katie purchased the image below.  Boss Mare equine fine art photo is very special to me.  Pilar the horse on the left had been with me for nine months.  I borrowed Pilar to keep my horse Winn company.  I had lost my horse Crunch and my other horse Winn had never been alone.  Pilar’s owner Silke had been kind lend me Pilar to keep Winn company.

Boss Mare

Photo image of two Spanish Barb horses with heads lowered and the Dragoon Mountains in the background Boss Mare equine fine art photograph

Boss Mare


I was fortunate to find another companion Winn a little pony named Coco.  Winn and the pony Coco got along very well.  I made arrangements to bring Pilar to a large pasture near the Dragoon Mountains.  Silke meet me there and the photo below is of her and Pilar that day in May 2009.


Horse owner in a portrait with her horse Pilar a Spanish Barb mare

Silke saying hello to Pilar


The day I took this photo we were returning Pilar to a herd of mares and foals near the Dragoon Mountains.  Pilar had been with this heard before.  Within the first few minutes of getting out of the horse trailer Pilar established herself as the her leader or Boss Mare.

Pilar walked right up to the leader of the herd Bella Luna and kicked her.  Then she pranced over to Sabana, the horse on the right in the Boss Mare photo above.  Sabana lowered her head in submission and there was no fight.

Pilar and Bella Luna

Photo of Pilar a Spanish Barb horse the Boss Mare just after kicking Bella Luna

Pilar just after kicking Bella Luna. Bella Luna is behind Pilar in this photo.

Boss Mare equine fine art photo won the 2011 Livestock Conservancy’s photo of the year.  This photo started my career as a professional photographer.

Yesterday Katie received the photo and posted this glowing review on my Etsy store:

“The artwork is amazing and just stunning in real life. Such a beautiful photograph. Maureen has been fantastic to communicate with, promptly replying and going above and beyond to assist. I could not be happier with this experience! I’m so blessed to have this piece in our home. Thank you!!”

To see Boss Mare equine fine art image on my Etsy Store go here.  For other fine art images on my Etsy Store go to my Horse Art section here.

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