Clarie’s Cafe & Art Gallery

Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 |

A big thank you to Claires Cafe Art Gallery for selling two of my equine fine art photography on canvas prints!  It is such a thrill to sell my art work and to sell it at Claire’s is so exciting.

Flying Eagle and Boss Mare sold at Clarie’s and are shown below.  Both images are of the Spanish Barb Horses that are from Southern Arizona.

Sold at Claires Cafe Art Gallery

Flying Eagle digital art photograph on canvas by Maureen Kirk-Detberner equine horse fine art photographer sold at Claries Cafe Art Gallery

Boss Mare a hoto of two Spanish Barb mares touching heads with the Dragoon Mountains in the background, sold at Claires Cafe Art Gallery

Claire supports local artist by opening up the walls of Claire’s Cafe to hold our art.  She also has wonderful jewelry on display as well.

Claire’s Cafe is renowned for it’s welcoming vibe, fabulous breakfasts and unique art and jewelry-all things Claire! American (New), American (Traditional), Breakfast, Burgers, Mexican, Seafood, Vegan and Vegetarian dishes.

Stop in at Claire’s for an amazing breakfast or lunch and enjoy all the wonderful local art on display.  Check our her FaceBook page here.

Below are the three new fine art photography canvas wrap prints that I brought to Claire’s today.

For Sale at Claires Cafe Art Gallery

Silver on Silver by Maureen Kirk-Detberner horse equine fine art photography image of a gray Andalusian horse with a silver saddle, for sale at Claires Cafe Art Gallery


Nose to Nose Digital equine fine art photograph Maureen Kirk-Detberner FastWinn Photography Tucson AZ, three horses with two of the horses noses touching, for sale at Claires Cafe Art Gallery

Mane Part image of a palomino horse neck and mane show the mane parting 1/2 down the neck, by Maureen Kirk-Detberner for sale at Clares Cafe Art Gallery