FastWinn Etsy Shop Updates

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 |

Since the first of the year I’ve been spending a lot of time on my FastWinn Etsy Shop.  As a result I now have 400+ active listings on my Etsy Shop!


FastWinn Etsy Shop Nursery & Kids Room Images


It has been a ton of work getting all the listings created and adding a lot of new work.  I’m most proud of my new Etsy Shop’s Nursery & Kids Rooms section.  I’d been noticing that a lot of my sales are from people buying wall art for nursery’s.  They purchased images of Longhorns, horses, foals and cows from my FastWinn Etsy Shop.


Photo of a red dunn horse foal with a green, light orange background, image available on the FastWinn Etsy Shop


To make it easy for buyers to find nursery wall art, I put my most popular images in the Ety Shop’s Nursery & Kids Rooms section.  I’m adding photos of baby rabbits.  Soon I’ll be adding photos of other baby animals.


Wild baby rabbits in a nest of hay with three quail eggs image available in the FastWinn Etsy Shop Nursery &Kids room section


FastWinn Etsy Shop Cars & Truck Images


I’ve also added a ton of old car and old truck photos to my FastWinn Esty Shop.  Those images are also organized in my FastWinn Etsy Shop section titled Cars & Trucks.   I have photos of old cards and trucks that I’ve taken in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.


Old 1960 Chevy truck back view of the orange truck with white lettering CHEVROLET on the tail gate, truck in a dead grass field available on the FastWinn Etsy Shop


My most popular truck image is one I took in Mule Creek NM of an old 1960 Chevy truck’s tailgate.  I also have that image available in a mouse pad here.

The most recent photos of old trucks and cars are from an old mining town in Nevada called Nelson.  The town of Nelson is loaded with amazing old trucks.  They even have an old garage and two old barns with cars in them.  The photo below is available on my FastWinn Etsy Shop here.


Old car garage in Nelson Arizona, with gas pump in the front and an old caddy in the garage, image available in the FastWinn Etsy Shop


FastWinn Photo Session with TailGun!


Last time I was in Nelson, I even did a photo shoot for TailGun a Las Vegas Rock Band!  Now that was a blast.  Of course I have an in with the band as my son is the vocalist for TailGun.


Las Vegas Rock band TailGun in an old barn sitting on hay bails and old kegs with an orange VW bus in the background


I was honored to have one of the images from the TailGun photo session as a cover for the April 2017, Las Vegas Sin City Presents Magazine.


FastWinn's photo of TailGun on the Arpil 2017, Sin City Present Magazine cover


FastWinn Etsy Shop Stylized Images


During the summer I am adding more stylized animal images on my FastWinn Etsy Shop!  The one below is of a Spanish Barb Stallion that had had fun painting in some great colors.


Image of a stallion that has been process to be purple, orange, yellow and blue with at pink and green background, image available on FastWinn Etsy Shop