Portraits of Pets

Irish Wolfhound photo by FastWinn Photography and Maureen Kirk-Detberner photographer

Although Maureen Kirk-Detberner works mostly as an equine photographer, she loves taking photos of people’s pets.  Her work has included photos of dogs, cats, chickens, and sheep and she hopes to have a llama photo session soon.

Located in Oro Valley, Arizona –  FastWinn Photography will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your pet’s portrait session.  Photo sessions last from 1/2 hour up to 2 hours.  Most FastWinn clients prefer photos taken in their homes or on their property.  FastWinn located in Oro Valley, AZ, will take photos of your pet(s) at your location or at a local venue of your choice.  To schedule an appointment to discuss a photo session, please email Maureen.

Images that have been in magazines and catalogs are on this page.  Many of Maureen Kirk-Detberner’s fine art images are available on the FastWinn Etsy Shop.

Enjoy some of Maureen’s favorite pet photographs in this web gallery.  Come back again soon, as Maureen updates her gallery images often.