Botanicals Light Space & Time Award

Posted by on May 4, 2016 |

The May 2016 Botanicals Exhibit for Light, Space and Time gave my image “Endings” a Special Merritt award.  I feel so honored to have received this award as the art in this exhibit is exceptional.

Each month Light, Space and Time on-line gallery has a new exhibit. I have entered several of their past exhibits.  I look forward to them each month.  The exhibits challenge me to do something new and different.

The art competition and the submission process for this exhibit began in March 2016. The gallery received 764 entries from 20 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, Hong Kong,  Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russian Federation, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Tasmania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the gallery received entries from 38 different states.

When I receive notice of the Botanicals Exhibit I started looking at all my flower and cactus photos.  I must looked through several hundred photos before I settled on five.  Five is the maximum number you can submit.   I submitted the following images for this exhibit.


In Full Bloom Art Show Maureen Kirk-Detberner    IMG_4205-seed-pod    _MG_6923-agave1-24x16    _MG_8479-agave-spines    IMG_7867-endings2-20x20-sm


For the magnolia image I picked one that had started to fade.  The image below is the original photo that I used.  I liked the feel of this flower as it wasn’t perfect.


I added two layers of textures to achieve to add some interest and drama to the image.  I erased some of the texture around the center of the flower and on the petals.


Then I took the image to a black and white at 73% opacity.  The final edits were to darkened the edges and lightened the area around the center of the flower.  I titled this image “Endings” as the flower is ending its life but in a most magnificent way.  This fine art digital image is available on my Etsy shop as are the other images that were submitted for this exhibit.


Thanks Light, Space & Time online Gallery for inspiring me to push myself to create art for your exhibits!

SM – Maureen Kirk-Detberner – Botanicals 2016 Art Exhibition – Award Certifiate