Magazines and Catalogs

For various local and national magazine and catalogs Maureen has submitted her equine fine art, cattle, desert and rock band images. When the images are published it is always a thrill!

It is so exciting to have my photo of the Rock Band TailGun as the cover for the April 2017 Sin City Presents Magazine!  They also used some of my other photos for the article about TailGun.


The FastWinn images on this gallery were featured in newspapers, magazines and catalogs.

This gallery features images that were published in the, Sin City PresentsArizona Daily Star, the Yankee Pedlar Magazine, Animal Health Express, Livestock Conservancy and others.  Check back soon as Maureen updates this page with images when they are published.  Images that have won awards are located here.  Maureen’s fine art and digital art work can be seen here.

Please enjoy the gallery images below.  See an image you like?  Would you like to purchase images for your publication or personal use?  Please call Maureen at 520-797-1882 or email Maureen for pricing.


Lanny Leach photo in the Yankee Pedlar Magazines and Catalogs May 2012

Lanny Leach at a Cowboy Race Event in Marana, AZ. Photo appeared in the Yankee Pedlar Magazine, May 2012