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Blog, every now and again I will do a post for my blog. Sometimes they are about my Maureen's Blog equine fine art photography horse photographer FastWinn Tucson AZphotography process. Other times they are about an exhibit, an award or something happening in Tucson, AZ.

I do try and put interesting photos in each blog.  If you like my blog posts please let me know and leave a comment.  No spam please.

Please enjoy my blog posts.

Pet Portraits

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I took a couple of online pet portraits photo classes this week.  Some of it was a review but I did learn a lot about both my camera settings and poses for dogs and cats. After the class I took some pet portraits of my dog Clyde and my cat Buster.  The cat was the easier of the two to photograph.  Who knew.  LOL Clyde wants to be next to you and touching you so that makes taking photos a challenge.  And if you are close to him you should be petting him.  I think that was an unknown rule when we adopted him.  We got Clyde from Save-A-Bull...

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Light Space and Time 7th Annual International “Botanicals” Art Competition

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I was thrilled to learn that on August 1, 2017 two of my art pieces were juried into the Internatoinal Light Space and Time 7th Annual “Botanicals” Art Competition.  “Painted Queen” received a Special Merritt award and “Scream for Peace” received a Special Recognition Award.  The International Botanicals Art Competition received 720 entries from 17 different countries from around the world.  It is such an honor to have two of my art pieces receive recognition!.     Light Space and Time 7th Annual...

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