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Blog, every now and again I will do a post for my blog. Sometimes they are about my Maureen's Blog equine fine art photography horse photographer FastWinn Tucson AZphotography process. Other times they are about an exhibit, an award or something happening in Tucson, AZ.

I do try and put interesting photos in each blog.  If you like my blog posts please let me know and leave a comment.  No spam please.

Please enjoy my blog posts.

FastWinn Etsy Shop Updates

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Since the first of the year I’ve been spending a lot of time on my FastWinn Etsy Shop.  As a result I now have 400+ active listings on my Etsy Shop!   FastWinn Etsy Shop Nursery & Kids Room Images   It has been a ton of work getting all the listings created and adding a lot of new work.  I’m most proud of my new Etsy Shop’s Nursery & Kids Rooms section.  I’d been noticing that a lot of my sales are from people buying wall art for nursery’s.  They purchased images of Longhorns, horses, foals and...

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Cat Portraits

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Of all my photographic subjects I find wild birds and cat portraits the most challenging!  My access to wild birds is either in my backyard or a field trip away  But for cat portraits I’m fortunate to be owned by an orange tabby cat by the name of Buster.  Buster is a most photogenic cat and for the most part cooperative. Buster spends his days in my office at the window hunting the birds that frequent the nearby water fountain.  I call this Buster’s bird TV. The photos below were taken one morning as Buster was enjoying his...

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