Equine Photo Session with Michael

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 |

WeEquine Photo session with Micheal and Horse Tucson AZ FastWinn Photography had a great equine photo session with Michael and his beautiful equine Paint horse Little Lil!  Lil lives on Tucson’s west side with two other lovely mares.  The original equine photo session was reschedule twice due to weather issues.  On this day we were fortunate that the Palo Verde tress were in bloom.  Another stroke of luck was that sun came out during our photo session.

Michael wanted some photos for his website and some photos with his horse Lil.  We were able to get 22 great photos for Michael to view in his 1/2 hour photo session.

A 1/2 hour photo session works great if you have one horse and onProfessional portrait head shot FastWinn Photography Tucsone person.  Let us know what type of photos you want and we will work the session to fit.

This session started with Michael dressed professionally and ended with Lil running at liberty in the turn-out.  For the head shot shown here I removed the background.

My favorite photos are of horses at liberty and this equine photo session delivered!  I got some great photos of Lil running in the turn-out.

If you are interested in scheduling a photo session with your horse, your pets, your family or for yourself call us at 520-797-1882!

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