Old Chevy Truck

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018 |

The story of this old Chevy truck started with road construction.  Lately in our neighborhood there has been a ton of road construction resulting in drastic changes.  A lot of the cactus and bushes along the side of the road were removed.  Then the speed limit was lowered from 45 to 25.

Both the removed of vegetation along the road and a lower speed limit allowed Hubby to see this old Chevy truck.  He told me about this truck and asked if I wanted to take a photo.  He showed it to me but I didn’t have my camera.  Because of the road construction we bypassed this section of road for the last year or so and I forgot about the old Chevy truck.

Time pasted and the construction was finished so I started using the road again.  I saw that a sound wall was going up and my access to the old truck would be obstructed.  Tuesday, as I drove by the sky was cloudy and the construction workers were building the wall.

I drove home and got my camera.  I was able to park off the road close to the truck.  I walked over and said hello to the worker and told him what I was doing.  He said “Yes that is a very cool truck.”  I took several photos from different distances.  The background behind the truck was a white and black RV.  Not very pretty LOL.

As I went to get into my car I saw several nice saguaros and took some photos of them.  When I got to editing the photos I found one that I liked of the truck.  I knew I had to replace the background behind the truck.  When I looked at the photos I took of the saguaros, one was just perfect.

Old Chevy Truck original photo


I spent several hours working on the truck image.  Taking out the background, add the new background and blending it into the original background.  Then I added a couple of Photoshop filters to enhance the colors and the details.  Today I took a look at the image and I didn’t like the top of the truck.  When I removed the background but I didn’t do as good a job as I should have.

Next version of Old Chevy truck


I went back to the original fixed and fixed the truck.  I took another look at the image and it looked a little dull to me.  I applied a couple more Photoshop filters to it and looked like what I had in mind when I saw this old truck.  I titled this truck image as “Desert Relic.”  If you like this image it is available for purchase on my Etsy Shop here.


Old Chevy truck