Pet Portraits

Posted by on Sep 4, 2017 |

I took a couple of online pet portraits photo classes this week.  Some of it was a review but I did learn a lot about both my camera settings and poses for dogs and cats.

After the class I took some pet portraits of my dog Clyde and my cat Buster.  The cat was the easier of the two to photograph.  Who knew.  LOL

Clyde wants to be next to you and touching you so that makes taking photos a challenge.  And if you are close to him you should be petting him.  I think that was an unknown rule when we adopted him.  We got Clyde from Save-A-Bull Rescue here in Tucson, AZ.  They rescue bully breeds and find them great homes.

Three weeks ago Clyde had eye surgery and this photo is the first one with his cone of shame off.  He really didn’t like the cone and worked very hard to destroy not only one cone but two.  He is happy that the stitches are gone and the cone is off.  If you look at his right left eye in the photograph you can see it is still a little red in the corner.  I expect in another week you won’t be able to tell which eye had the surgery.

Buster and Clyde are doing well together.  They actually will play a little now.  I keep them separated for a month or so as I was afraid the Buster could hurt Clyde as he isn’t declawed.  We adopted Buster from the Pima County Animal Control  when he was three months old

Anyway I had fun taking pet portraits of  my pets today.

Clyde’s Portrait

Pet Portraits of a white olde English Bull Dog with black spots on his ears

Clyde is a 4 year Olde English Bull Dog

Buster’s Portrait


Buster an orange tabby cat laying on his side on my bed for his cat portraits