Senior Horse Portrait Session

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Second time around for this senior horse portrait session was successful!  The first time I went out to take photos of Mc Dee’s senior horse Cyndar-Ella, was the fall of 2014.  Cyndar was 33 years old and McDee wanted a photo of her asap.  Cyndar lives on Mc Dee’s property in Catalina, AZ.  The property offers wonderful views of the Catalina Mountains.

I have known Mc Dee and Cyndar for years.  I used to ride my Arabian horse Crunch with Mc Dee and Cyndar back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  We both belong to CLRC, County Line Riders of Catalina a great riding club!  I’m also the webmaster for CLRC.

McDee used to load up her camper, put Cyndar in the horse trailer and head out of town each summer.  They traveled and camped all over the US.

Mc Dee and Cyndar have a long history.  She had breed her mare to have Cyndar.  During the pregnancy the mare got Valley Fever.  As a result, Cyndar was born early and was very small.  The mare was very sick but with Mc Dee’s care lived until Cyndar was 5 months old.  This pair has been together ever since.

When I viewed the photos from the senior horse portrait session I was disappointed.  None of them really flattered Cyndar.  This had never happened before.  I had always been successful with horse photos.  Mostly it was that Cyndar wasn’t feeling well and she had already grown her winter coat.  There was no shine to her coat and it was orange in color.  That can happen with chestnut horses.

We agreed to try again in the Spring or early Summer of 2015.  FastWinn photo sessions are guaranteed to produce wonderful photographs or we do them again at no additional cost!

I contacted Mc Dee in April, she was busy and we decided to try later in early summer.  In the summer Cyndar had a bad reaction to some fly spray and it effected the hair on her face.  Once summer came it was too hot for a senior horse portrait!senior horse portrait photo session FastWinn Photography Tucson, AZ

Finally in Oct. we set a date for Cyndar’s second senior horse portrait session.  Now at 34, Cyndar had more gray on her face but was in great spirits.  I asked Mc Dee to be in the photos this time.  I think Cyndar really liked having Mc Dee in the photos.  We took photos around the property.  We started the session around 4:00 pm and the light was great.

Mc Dee had this image printed on metal to hang in her home.  Now she can see Cyndar inside her home and outside her home for years to come.  Being able to provide images for my clients that honor their relationships warms my heart!

Senior horse portrait Mc Dee and Cyndar-Ella 2015 FastWinn Photography Tucson, AZ