The Yearlings

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The Yearlings fine art photograph by Maureen Kirk-Detberner of FastWinn Photography

“The Yearlings” is an image of 8 horses, 7 yearling Spanish Barb horses and one American Quarter horse.  Maureen Kirk-Detberner of FastWinn Photography took this photo in 2010.  The horses are on the Dripping Springs Ranch in Mule Creek, NM.

Yearlings – Spanish Barb Horses

The yearlings are rare Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Barb horses.  The Wilbur-Cruce horses trace their roots back to horses that Father Eusebio Kino breed and raised in Mexico.  Father Kino was a renowned horseman that came with the Spanish explorers.  The missions, forts and settlers needed horses for transportation, to work the farms, to herd the cattle and to pull the wagons.  Father Kino established a breeding program at Mission Delores in Mexico.  This program provided horses for the missions and the settlers in Arizona.

In 2011,  Arizona Governor Janet Brewer proclaimed these horses as the Arizona State Heritage Horse. To learn more about these amazing horses go to the Spanish Barb Horse Association’s website.