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Welcome to FastWinn Photography!

My vision for my photography is to show the viewer how I see the Arizona Desert, people and the animals that I shoot. My vision for my images is to produce images that touch the heart and move the soul.  My work is intimate and reflects the attitude and feeling of my subjects. I love it when someone that sees my work says they can sense my horses breathing and see the passion I have for photography.

Welcome to FastWinn Photography Tucson, AZ

My photography captures unique moments in time that can’t be recreated. The light, the shadows, the colors and the subjects will never be in that moment again. Time is precious and with the images I hope to display that even the simplest event can be beautiful.

My images show the desert at its best and its worst and the times in between. Although I like to strip away the color for black and white and sepia prints, I shoot in color. I find that color is most faltering for horses and their people, black and white reveals more of the message in the image.

My portrait subjects range from High School Seniors, to Senior horses and their owners.  Check out my Adult & Family gallery for examples of my work.  I also love doing portraits of people and their pets.

You are welcome to view the gallery images on my website.  I have examples of my fine art landscape photography and my equine fine art photography.  Many of my images are listed for sale on my Etys store here.