Horse in Black and White at the SAAG Gallery

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 |

My equine fine art photograph of a winter horse in black and white is showing at the Southern Arizona Arts Guild’s Gallery!  I titled this image “Winter Thoughts.”  The photo is of a chestnut horse that looks like he is thinking about something.

Horse in black and white fine art photography FastWinn Tucson, Arizona

I pushed the details up on this image to show the horse’s winter coat.  Then I decided that it would look more like winter if it was a horse in Black and White. You can see a reflection of the horse corral fence in the horse’s eye.

This image can be printed as a canvas print, as a giclee on watercolor paper or on photography paper.

I printed it on watercolor paper and framed it in a simple black frame for the SAAG Gallery showing.  It is also available on my Etsy Shop here.