Women Art Exhibit Winners- January 2016

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RIBBON-FOR-ALL-WOMEN-2016-ARTISTS Art ExhibitionTwo of my fine art photography works were winners in the January 2016, 5th Annual All Women Art Exhibit!  There were 890 international entries from 33 countries, in this Light, Space and Time juried on-line art contest.  This art competition had an open theme, for women artists only.  The submission process and competition for the artists began in November 2015 and finished on December 27, 2015.

This was a wonderful way to start off 2016.  My piece titled Power To The People received an Honorable Mentioned award in the All Women Art Exhibit Photography & Digital Art category.  My piece titled Morning Fog received a Special Recognition award as well!

PHOTO---HM---Maureen-Kirk-Detberner---ALL-WOMEN---2016-ART-EXHIBITION----CERTIFICATEMy fine art digital work Power To The People was inspired by photographs I took while we were driving to California.  I like to entertain myself by taking photos of the landscape and the big trucks n the road.  No lives are in danger!  I’m not driving while taking photos.  LOL.

To get started, I set my camera on a high shutter speed and high ISO settings.  These settings stop the action for great details.  I use a shutter speed of 1500 or faster and and ISO of 400 or higher.  I usually use my 70mm – 200mm zoom lens.  This gives me the ability to zoom in tight.  Unless I want blurry photos for backgrounds or texture I take photos through the front windshield. Photos taken from the side windows are often too blurry.

As we were traveling to CA through the desert the wind turbines appeared.  The wind turbines that dot the California hills fascinate me.  They look like modern sculptures.  The turbines are ever changing on shape.  The white color also changes form bright white to dull gray as the sun passes over.  I took photos of the turbines in the landscape as close up in groups.

Image of wind turbines on a green hill to pwith a blue sky with whispy white clouds, original image wind turbines CA hills Maureen Kirk-Detberner

As I was preparing new work for the All Women Art Exhibit I remembered these photos.  My Muse whispered in my ear “Pair the wind turbine photos with windmills.”  Hmm I thought this would give the photo more interest and depth.  I checked all my windmill photos and picked the ones that might work.

I started with a photo of a close up of a section of wind turbines.  Then I layered over the turbines with three photos of windmills.  I hope you can see them.  I went back to my photos from the trip and added one of the Highway looking towards to turbines.  That photo had more of the hills with the turbines.  If you look closely you can see the two semi trucks packed with hay on the road.

Mused said I needed something else.  Back to the photos I took on our trip.  I saw the ones of the power lines in the fog.  Perfect as they represent the electricity generated by the turbines.  I added two different photos of power lines to the right and left of the wind turbines.

original image power poles lines CA hills Maureen Kirk-Detberner

Then I added another photo of the hills with the wind turbines.  Of course there are tweaks and layers of colors added as well.  All in all there are 13 layers on this image.  How much time did it take?  Well I didn’t keep track but probably 20 – 40 hours.


SM---Maureen-Kirk-Detberner---ALL-WOMEN---2016-ART-EXHIBITION----CERTIFICATEMy other image Morning Fog was created from photos taken on the CA trip too.  As we were leaving the Bay Area and driving through Pacheco Pass the fog was nesting in the hills.  This area is one of my favorites.  I would love to live here.  The wonderful rolling hills with the grand Old Live Oaks touch my soul.


Early moring fog covering green toned mountains in the backgournd with large oak trees in a pasture in the midground All Women Art Exhibit winner Morning Fog Mauree Kirk-Detberner

As hubby drove I grabbed a couple of photos.  I wanted him to park so I could get out and get some photos.  We looked but there wasn’t a pull out in sight.

I had to take photo from the side windows.  I knew the photos would be a little soft but took them anyway.  The image of the fog in this pasture inspired me.  I did some editing to improve the quality and color.

Once that was done I thought there was something missing from this landscape.  Muse said “Add some cows.”  OK I had some photos of cows from that same area.  I added the cows and they made the landscape so much more interesting.  I did try to add a windmill I took in that same area but it just didn’t work.

All Women Art Exhibit Winners

Power To The People – Digital Art

Image of wind turbines with old wind mills in the background in tones of pink, blue, turquoise and black, All Women Art Exhibit winner Power To The People Mauree Kirk-Detberner


Morning Fog – Digital Art

Early moring fog covering green toned mountains in the backgournd with large oak trees in a pasture in the midground All Women Art Exhibit winner Morning Fog Mauree Kirk-Detberner


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